About us

Introducing the most Luxurious and Exotic Home Fragrances in town from Benz.


We started out with providing our customers with the best fragrance products and we still adhere to our core roots and have introduced our new scents.


We aim to provide a satisfying fragrance experience in the form of Bakhoor from which people can enjoy and indulge in a relaxing state at any time and get rid of the negative effects of the atmosphere. Our Bakhoor boosts up the positivity in the environment and gives a peace of mind to us. 


With that in mind, we can proudly say that Benz products are made from all natural products. Along with being natural, Benz products are produced with keeping in mind the highest quality standards to give our customers the exquisite experience they enjoy.


Benz has launched a total of four exotic Bakhoor Fragrances for you to try and enjoy. We want you to explore our royal collection which include favourites such as Oriental Bakhoor & Royal Oudh Bakhoor and our signature collection which includes Rose Bakhoor & Sandal Bakhoor


Apart from Bakhoor we are also leading manufacturers of of Massage Oils, Tissue Papers and Mobile cleaner sanitizer.


It is because of our constant efforts and R&D that we are able to present high quality products to the consumers.